How it all began

I get asked a lot about how Mummies Paying it Forward came about and ultimately it was a number of small 'defining' moments. Defining moments to me are times where you stop and really think about how you can contribute to improve a situation. Prior to the establishment of Mummies Paying It Forward, I was struggling emotionally to cope with loss so I decided to channel my energy into helping others.

As a mother, I could easily relate to other mothers, and the idea that there were parents out there who couldn't afford to feed and clothe their children, really got to me. Based on a prior recommendation of a friend on what to do with baby clothing and nursery items, and having grown up in a household where the generosity of the community in advice and support to newly settled migrants was frequently spoken about, the road to the first two charities Mummies Paying It Forward would support, had begun. 

"Every single time you help somebody stand up you are helping humanity rise" - Steve Maraboli. 

From my initial pursuit to find a way to volunteer and help others, I knew that the hardest thing about helping others, is figuring out where to start and how you can personally contribute within your everyday life. This was displayed in how the Mummies management team came about. Marie dropped off a donation to my house and saw that I was a mum trying to make a difference (with my kids running around in the background) and she messaged me afterwards offering her marketing/IT skills. Being a tad hopeless with any form of technology, of course I jumped at the chance. Another piece of the puzzle was Sue who came on board in the early days as a volunteer driver. Pretty quickly I could see she was a true asset to the Mummies team for her coordination skills and big heart. With time, we have been joined by so many incredible individuals who bring such passion and commitment to helping others and we are proud of all those that make up the Mummies Paying It Forward Family.

Collectively, we saw an opportunity to help and we jumped at it because we believe that giving back to the community makes a world of difference to so many. Mummies Paying It Forward has grown to into the huge network of dedicated volunteers, drop off points, partners and charities that it is today because of the contributions members make each and every day to improve the lives of others within our society. And we're just getting started........  


Fatma Elzein, Founder & Managing Director