Who we help

Mummies Paying It Forward supports a complete cross section of those in need across New South Wales. Through our partnerships with various community support agencies, hospitals, charity organisations and women’s refuges, and the incredible generosity & support of members of the community, Mummies Paying It Forward is able to provide everyday essentials to struggling individuals and families across New South Wales. Here are some of our community partners:

Community support agencies and charity organisations

Referrals from caseworkers/social workers enable us to provide exactly what's needed for struggling families and individuals. In addition to this, Mummies Paying It Forward provides material support to a number of charity partners to help them continue their amazing work!

Supporting women's refuges

Primarily aimed at supporting girls and women escaping domestic violence or facing considerable hardship.

Supporting the homeless

Primarily aimed at supporting the homeless or those at risk of homelessness

Supporting men, women and children seeking asylum

Provide practical and personal support for asylum seekers living in the community.

Employment charities

Aimed at assisting disadvantaged men and women to gain re-employment in order to be able to support themselves and their families.