Charities we support

Our aim is to support local not-for-profit charities that provide your new or pre-loved items directly to people that genuinely need them.

One of our core beliefs is that your items should not be resold and that's a major aspect in deciding which charities we bring on board. We believe that your items should go to the people they are intended for and all the charities we support below do that.


Community-based charities:

Support a huge variety of charities faced by families and individuals within the community.

Women's charities:

Primarily aimed at supporting girls and women escaping domestic violence or facing considerable hardship.

Men's charities:

Primarily aimed at supporting homeless men (and at times women).

Refugee charities:

Provide practical and personal support for asylum seekers living in the community.

Employment charities:

Aimed at assisting disadvantaged men and women to gain re-employment in order to be able to support themselves and their families.