What to donate - babies & children

We welcome a wide range of new and preloved items for babies and children. Please check our list below for items we do & don’t accept and how best to sort and label donations! Donations clearly labelled allow our small team of volunteers to fast track the most needed items out to young families as quickly as possible.

Baby/children’s clothing and essentials

We believe that clothing and essentials packs provided by Mummies Paying It Forward are a gift from the community to vulnerable families. For this reason, we ask that clothing and every day essentials donated be in new or good/great condition and freshly laundered. We can accept:

  • Baby clothing sorted by size (e.g. 000, 00, 0, ) and gender (or labelled gender neutral)

  • Baby accessories including bibs, hats, socks, gloves and hood less sleeping bags sorted by size

  • Baby wraps and blankets

  • Children's clothing sorted by size (up to children’s size 14).

  • Children’s pyjamas (yes please, always in high demand!)

  • Babies' & children's shoes wiped down and paired together with elastic bands

  • Children's underwear (due to health considerations, only brand new underwear can be accepted)

  • Note: we are unable to accept any stained, discoloured or torn clothing, scuffed or damaged shoes or women’s casual clothing in any size including small sizes

Nursery & children's items

All items must meet current Australian standards. Please ensure loose parts are securely attached. We can accept:

  • Activity mats & playmats

  • Activity tables (with removable legs)

  • Art & craft materials - paper, pencils, stickers, crayons etc. (new only)

  • Baby baths (please note we do not accept any bath stands, bath aids or bath seats)

  • Baby bottles (if used, please remove teats). Due to health regulations, we are only able to distribute brand new teats & dummies

  • Baby bouncers and rockers (must have 3 or 5 point safety harness. We can rehome battery operated ones in excellent condition, however large large mains powered swings can not be accepted.

  • Baby carriers (baby bjorn style only. Baby slings are not accepted)

  • Baby formula and food (with a minimum of 3 months expiry date)

  • Baby towels, face washers & wraps

  • Bassinets with stand -lockable (if rocking) and removable covers & mattresses

  • Bassinet linen and mattress protectors (clearly labelled and freshly laundered)

  • Books for babies & children, sorted by age (no ripped pages or pen/pencil markings please)

  • Breast pumps (manual only)

  • Car seats (less than 8 years old, meets Australian standards and never been in a car accident).

  • Cots (must be a maximum of 10 years old, be structurally sound with no obvious cracks within the panels and include all parts). Cots manufactured within Australia must have, by law, a date of manufacture stamped on the cot base and comply with Safety Standard for household cots: AS/NZS 2172:2003. We kindly ask all cots are checked prior to drop off to ensure they comply within the above requirements. For more information on cot safety requirements, please visit www.productsafety.gov.au/standards/household-cots

  • Cot mattresses (be completely stain free)

  • Cot & single bed linen in new or excellent condition

  • FOLDABLE change tables only (we do not accept non foldable change tables)

  • High chairs (IKEA style high chairs with removable legs & tray only)

  • Linen for single beds (please fold pillow case into single bed linen)

  • Nappies - disposable, cloth & modern cloth nappies. (open packs of nappies can be accepted)

  • Nappy bags with working zippers

  • Nappy changing mats

  • Nursing pads (disposable & unopened)

  • Prams in clean condition (with instruction manual if possible). Please ensure all prams are foldable and all safety features especially brakes are in working order. Double prams/strollers are highly sought after!

  • Pram accessories and strollers (liners, sunshades, rain covers, head supports etc)

  • Safety gates (with all parts included)

  • Safety/child protection items (cupboard locks, corner protectors etc)

  • Sterilisers (microwave only)

  • Toiletries for baby including wipes, lotions, creams, bath wash (unopened only)

  • Toys, as follows:

    Brand new toys (these are given as birthday gifts for kids who would otherwise go without)

    Used toys, puzzles, dress up costumes and board games for any ages. All must be in very good condition

    Soft toys (brand new only)

    Sports balls & sports equipment (in excellent condition)



  • Baby activity centres (due to space restrictions in recipient’s homes, large activity centres are not accepted)

  • Baby sleep positioners

  • Baby swings

  • Baby walkers

  • Bassinets made from cane, soft bassinets, bassinets with non-removable covers, unlockable rocking stands, hammocks & co-sleepers

  • Bath seats, aids & bath stands

  • Bean bags

  • Bed rails

  • Bikes (unless specifically requested)

  • Bike helmets (unless specifically requested)

  • Books (adult fiction and non-fiction)

  • Breast pumps (electric)

  • Buggy boards/skateboard attachments

  • Bumbo seats

  • Change tables (wooden)

  • DVDs and CDs for children or adults

  • Electrical items (second hand)

  • Games consoles

  • Highchair booster seats

  • Highchairs (padded)

  • Jolly jumpers

  • Nappy wrapper bins & cartridges

  • Nursery decor & cot bumpers

  • Port-a-cots

  • Potties & toilet equipment

  • Pregnancy pillows

  • Ride on toys

  • School uniforms

  • Scooters and scooter helmets

  • Single beds & mattresses

  • Sterilisers (electrical)

  • Teats & dummies (used)

  • Tetra filled bedding

  • Toddler beds

  • Toys not specifically mentioned above, including large toys and outdoor toys

For any enquiries, please email us at info@mummiespayingitforward.org.au.